Sunday, January 26, 2014

Doing a Brazilian wax at home

Brazilian wax is the removal of body hair from all the areas that can possibly be exposed when you wear the skimpiest bikinis. This procedure is referred to as Brazilian wax because the first concept of thoroughly removing body hair was practiced in the country of Brazil. Brazilian wax is the most extreme removal of hair technique. Entire pelvic region is usually worked on with Brazilian wax. This includes the top portion of the pubic hair, rear end and between the legs.

Instructions to doing Brazilian wax at home   

  • 1 Buy Brazilian wax kit. It is advisable that you acquire hard wax because bikini area has coarse hair.
  • You have to grow your groin bikini hair to at least ¼” long. This is enough for perfect waxing.
  • Clean and oil the target areas. Use pre-wax cleanser on the skin and apply pre-epilation oil that normally works with hard wax.
  • Apply wax evenly using an applicator about the thickness of a nickel, first in the opposite direction of growth of hair, and then to the direction of hair growth to a section of three inches long and two inches wide in the same stroke. Ensure you pass the edge where the hair grows. You will mostly use the part of the wax that is not attached to the hair to remove the hair. Wax that is hard enough when being removed take away all the hair.
  • Be sure the wax has cooled enough before removing hair. Flick up lightly the part that is not attached to the hair on the end so that you can use as a tab once the wax has cooled. When the wax has cooled enough, hold the skin taut with one hand and remove wax in opposite direction of hair growth. Ensure you do this in one quick pull and remove the wax completely. Be careful not to pull upwards the wax. As soon as you are through pulling the wax, press your hand down to aid relieve some pain.
  • You can repeat the process for a different section until you are done with removing the hair of the particular part of the body.
  • After you are through with removing the hair, remove the residue on the skin with wax remover.
  • Apply an aloe based gel or after-wax cleansing product to soothe the skin after the waxing service.
  • After two days of wax, lightly exfoliate the area to attempt to avoid ingrown hairs. If your bikini area gets ingrown hairs, try applying flawless ingrown hair serum.
It is important to do a patch test whenever you are unsure about waxing for any reason. You strictly have to follow and adhere to wax precautions and warnings to avoid problems of your skin being extremely red, scabby or burned.

Brazilian waxing tips will always help you prepare your skin, lower the pain, and get ideas what to expect and reduce bumps and irritation later on. Many women and men opt for Brazilian wax service because they like the feeling of the total bikini area being completely, or almost hair free. When you are removing the hair you must be extra careful to avoid any problems relating to the service.